Services - Reimbursable Contracts:

  • PPEI’s “NextGen Estimating” provides a comprehensive set of Estimate Reports showing detail analysis with interactive reports; such review reports accompanying the estimate project costs provided to your clients inspire high level of confidence and lend credibility to your bid for the reimbursable contract

Analyze RFQ MTOs and document rationale for stratified MTO allowances:

  • PPEI’s Interactive Reports provide in depth analysis of MTOs
  • Stratified MTO Allowances and a documented rationale for MTO Allowances help better prediction of final quantities

Assess likely low and high site hours:

  • PPEI provides a range analysis for likely site man-hours, low and high varying the location factors, quantity variation, etc

Granular control base to facilitate documenting change impacts:

  • PPEI provides estimate details and summaries in Client’s standard coding structure and preferred formats; code mapping is done by PPEI right at the outset of the project such that the import to client’s cost control tool becomes seamless and the summaries are generated in client format instantaneously
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