Extreme Efficiency:

Far superior quality in less than half the time

Structured work process

View enlarged picture of estimating work process
  • Innovative and well designed work process drives extreme efficiency
  • An outline of the sequence of activities delineating responsibilities is depicted as a general guideline to be customized for a given job

Typical schedules - Industry Standard vs PPEI

Estimate summaries in Client preferred formats generated instantly

  • PPEI’s NextGen Estimating incorporates granular coding which is mapped to the client coding structure right at the beginning for automatic generation of reports in client format. This is in stark contrast to typical industry practice of force fitting to client format reports as a post estimate activity

Estimate details mapped for seamless upload to client cost control tool

  • Mapping to client code of accounts right at the beginning makes upload to client cost control tool a seamless activity available simultaneously with the estimate completion. Typical industry practice involves significant effort and approximations in transforming estimate details to cost control inputs

Estimate breakdown by Budget Item for each RFQ and Contract

  • Client’s budget item id’s, RFQ and Contract numbers are integral to PPEI’s NextGen Estimating which results in BI reports, RFQ reports and Contracts reports in summary form and detail form available at the same time as estimate completion
  • Instant availability of such reports facilitate smooth functioning of Procurement and Contracts functions right from start

Estimate hours and quantities by Construction Work Package for resource loading

  • PPEI’s Interactive Estimate Reports include location man-hours by CWP and by Prime Account along with details of quantities and labor operations
  • Such detail reports are made available to the construction planning group in parallel with estimate production to facilitate integration of schedule and estimates

Estimate summaries by module and by location

  • Estimate summaries in client format can be viewed for any given module
  • PPEI’s Interactive Reports set includes module analysis reports by each module location providing project metrics such as man-hours/ton and dollar/ton for review and benchmarking purposes

Highly efficient work process for generating bid unit rates

View enlarged picture of unit rate bidding work process

Job specific bid unit rates generated in a structured manner

  • For module Yards and Construction Contractors bidding unit rates, PPEI’s NextGen Estimating produces full set of job specific unit rates efficiently

Multiple bid strategy options and corresponding bid rates

  • Provides multiple strategic bidding options based on critical analysis of MTOs identifying growth areas even within a short bidding period

Estimate recast to Module Yards/Construction Contractors control base instantly

  • PPEI provides seamless upload of estimate transformed to Module Yard or Construction Contractor’s cost control tool as the cost code mapping is completed right at start
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