Who we serve:

We have unique service offerings of value to Owner/Operator Companies, EPC Companies, Module Yards and Construction Contractors. Estimating services to each are customized to their specific business needs.

Range of services:

We offer a wide range of comprehensive estimating services starting with estimate planning and alignment to delivering finished estimate reports and complete documentation of estimate basis. Optional services include bid analysis and tabulation, project contingency, forward escalation and project event risk analysis. We also provide assistance in early phase of the project life cycle to compile and review conceptual and factored estimates during FEL1 and FEL2 stages. We can provide value service in reviewing third party estimates. Service offerings to Module Yards and Construction Contractors include strategic bidding insights for maximizing revenues and setting sharp control base for minimizing execution cost.

Project Size:

Our estimating work processes and tools are versatile to handle small projects equally well as mega projects of value in tens of billions of dollars. Every job, regardless of project size, is very important for us and we carry them out with utmost care.

Type of Project:

We undertake estimating for projects of all types including green field, brown field and revamp projects.

Geographic Area:

We are able to provide estimating services for projects almost anywhere in the world as we are set up on Amazon Web Server with secure FTP (secure file transfer protocol) and other security features. Areas covered are North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Far East, and Australia.

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