Services to Module Yards/Construction Contractors – Unit Rate Bids:

PPEI provides a highly value added service to Module Yards and Construction Contractors for a Unit Rate Bidding. PPEI’s “NextGen Estimating” work process creates the full set of unit rates based on the parameters set by you using performance data. PPEI provides bid strategy insights using interactive analysis of RFQ MTOs highlighting likely growth areas. PPEI provides a sharp control budget for better control minimizing cost of fabrication / construction. 

Analyze RFQ MTOs and flag potential growth Areas:

  • PPEI’s Interactive Reports provide in depth analysis of MTOs by Prime Account flagging deficiencies and areas of likely growth

Generate full set of Unit Rates for Bidding:

  • PPEI’s NextGen Estimating System creates a complete set of bid unit rates for every size and significant parameter appearing in the RFQ MTOs, for each labor operation; the base cost rates in conjunction with the approved bid strategy matrix then generates the actual bid unit rates to quote

Strategic Bidding Inputs to Maximize Revenue:

  • PPEI provides the bid strategy inputs matrix along with the insights of RFQ MTO deficiencies to the bid strategy team to create a few bidding options; PPEI then takes each of the bidding scenario and creates a full set of bid unit rates and total job value with and without the predicted quantity growth; these insights then are reviewed by the bid strategy team to determine in confidence the final bid to be submitted, thus maximizing revenue

Sharp Control Base Estimate to Minimize Cost:

  • PPEI’s NextGen Estimating provides sharp man-hour budgets in sufficient detail to feed seamlessly to your cost control tool for better control of cost thus minimizing cost of execution

Estimate Inputs for Detail Planning:

  • PPEI’s standard set of reports include quantities and man-hours by Module and by Construction Work Package (CWP) and several other summary groupings by Prime Account; these reports provide necessary inputs to the planning group for module yard/site planning and for aligning estimating and scheduling
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