PPEI’s Value Proposition:

Check Estimates:

  • PPEI’s independent check estimates come in high granularity with almost infinite reporting possibilities – customized to specific client needs
  • Minimal disturbance to Owner/EPC project teams
  • High efficiency – check estimates delivered in less than half the time compared to industry standard
  • Comprehensive set of analysis reports enable thorough review and thus inspire high level of confidence
  • Areas of differences with the base estimate will be much better defensible with the granular estimates produced by PPEI
  • If the check estimates are for comparison with lump sum quotations, owners will have much better leverage in negotiation having a solid base to compare against

PPEI can provide the base estimate instead of the EPC’s estimating team:

  • PPEI can bring much higher value doing the base estimate instead of just a check estimate
  • Much superior quality derives from PPEI’s NextGen Estimating work process starting with stakeholder alignment
  • Interactive reports package makes it possible to identify deficiencies in MTOs and PPEIs mechanism for supplementing deficient areas with predefined quantum packs help better quantification closer to final quantities
  • PPEI provides full set of quantity summaries instantaneously for every RFQ for obtaining current market pricing
  • PPEI’s optional services include bid tabulation and critical analysis to identify errors/outliers in bid rates
  • PPEI's Code of Accounts enable generation of reports in many different permutations & combinations
  • Mapping of these code of accounts to Client code of accounts and to their cost control structure leads to seamless integration of estimates and cost control base
  • Estimates in Client preferred formats are generated instantaneously with ability to filter down to any level of WBS details
  • Summaries generated by Module and by Construction Work Package (CWP)
  • Man-hours/ton and cost/ton metrics are standard reports in PPEI Estimating for benchmarking purposes
  • Labor hours by Construction Work Package (CWP) including breakdown by prime account provided early in the FEED phase enables construction planning and integration of schedule and estimates
  • Estimate details are automatically allocated to procurement budgets by RFQ Number and to various contract budgets
  • Owner/Operating companies benefit enormously due to PPEI’s very quick turnaround, typically less than half the industry standard.

Status Quo:

Industry Standard Estimates today:

    • Wide range of quality – some good, some not so good
    • Estimate details, summaries and some analysis reports are provided
    • Fixed coding and static reports
    • Critical estimate reviews are somewhat limited as customizing reports is time consuming
    • Typically estimate details are recast to client cost control tool formats and budget items, RFQs and contracts by force fitting after estimate is issued

Consequences of poor estimates, not uncommon:

    • Cost overruns sometimes caused by poor estimates  
    • Poor prediction of required site man-hours could lead to setting unrealistic schedules
    • Lack of confidence in the estimate could lead to arbitrary cuts in budget proposal
    • Padding up with allowances hoping to cover uncertainty
    • Large overruns in quantity
    • Site man-hour overruns lead to bottlenecks in site facilities
    • Shortage of funding due to cost overruns lead to disruptions and consequent claims and delays
    • Often times these have the effect of spiralling cost overruns much beyond reasonable limits
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