Services – Lump Sum Contracts:

  • PPEI’s “NextGen Estimating” provides critical analysis of MTOs by Prime Account which is very important in lump sum bidding even if quantity risk is not required to be included; PPEI provides a sharp control budget for better control of project cost

Analyze MTOs and flag potential growth Areas:

  • PPEI’s Interactive Reports provide in depth analysis of MTOs by Prime Account flagging deficiencies and areas of likely growth

Barebones estimate for control budget:

  • PPEI’s NextGen Estimating work process begins with engagement with the bid strategy team, alignment, planning and creation of sharp control budget which will upload to your cost control tool seamlessly using the code mapping created right upfront

Strategic bidding insights – redistribution, rates for changes:

  • Critical analysis of quantities and creation of unit rates of variation are part of the strategic bidding insights provided by PPEI for client to manage quantity risks and opportunities

Estimate Inputs for Detail Planning:

  • PPEI’s standard set of reports include quantities and man-hours by Module and by Construction Work Package (CWP) and several other summary groupings by prime account; these reports provide necessary inputs to the planning group for module yard/site planning and for aligning estimating and scheduling
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